Tuesday, May 11, 2010

all that I can read, is you're the B-side

remember when Courtney used to make posts on here? Those were the good 'ole days..

This keyboard's space bar sucks and I think it's because Murphy (fat cat) has knocked it onto the floor so many times. I'll have to scream high pitched repetitive statements into his face later for that (like I wouldn't if otherwise).

Wait, maybe I should stick to an actual topic so this is worth reading.
I went to Los Campesinos! tonight with my sister at the Glass House in Pomona (reflections of high school flood mind) and I just have to say.. I FUCKING LOVE LOS CAMPESINOS! WHY ARE I AND THEM NOT INTIMATE FRIENDS?!
The lead singer Gareth inspired and galvanized the audience to such an extent that I (as in myself) danced within a mini-mob. If you know me you should realize that this is significant.
Erika S-jewel and dancing is like oil and water.. or more accurately gasoline and a match.. or a fart and a match. No, scratch that, a fart and a match is a great and common combination.

watch these videos slave.

^This one was definitely my favorite live. The crescendo was booommmbbbbbbbdig.