Thursday, December 9, 2010

New segment: Ads I hate the most.

Of all things that I hate in this world, and there are many, I hate advertising. Advertising endlessly screams in your face trying to tell you that you need to buy pointless shit that, back in reality, you almost never really need.

These are some of the ads I hate the most right now:

Oh Carl's Jr... You do such an excellent job being sexist in 100% of your commercials, but this one really deserves a greasy, heart attack educing gold star. Don't get me wrong, I loved all of your previous commercials with pop-star bimbos dripping your "secret sauce" all over their anorexic cosmetically altered bodies, but this one really succeeds in being my favorite representation of women yet! You not only successfully portray women as sex objects with no mental capacity, but now the world can agree upon how we're also lazy workers who speak broken English, because us women, we're not too into them readin'. Thar books iz too intimadetin' with all der letters and wutever.

Ad #2 I hate the most right now:

Give up fatty, and take the easy surgical way out! You know you don't have will power. Just LOOK AT YOU! You never stood a chance and you never will. Putting out effort to make changes in your life just isn't realistic. Especially since It's not your fault, the burgers practically FORCE themselves on you! Just look at those tantalizing Carl's Jr. commercials with all those boobs and beef! mmm.... boobs and beef. Wait. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, give up on life and.. oh yeah!-- buy our product you worthless slob!