Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

reasons to cross your fingers

Judge me not, for I am excited to see the Princess and the Frog. I'm sure it won't be any Little Mermaid or Lion King, but clearly there was a proper effort in place in regard to the animation, which is........... really all that matters in the world of me (is there any other world?).
Kidding of course, story is important too.. but from an animation-obsessed perspective such as my own, animation is the key ingredient to my appeasement.

The film is not only the first return to traditional 2D animation since that bullshit Disney cow-movie I refuse to reference, but is clearly the first black Disney princess (Who'd have thought in our baby steps toward a more egalitarian society one of the hurdles would have anything to do with Disney princesses. Oh the omnipotence of Disney)!

Essentially this film has a lot of responsibility in regard to both re-establishing the use of the traditional 2D animation medium (the superior style [fact]) and presenting the first black Disney princess.

Come on Musker/Clements withhold your honor as American animation icons, DON'T BRING ME DOWN (Bruuuce).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just 'cause.

And I thought I threw a fit when my mom took away my internet privileges. I feel your pain friend, I feel it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

celebrations and unnecessary pessimism

I just spent so long trying to figure out how to save this image file onto this stupid Mac computer. I don't understand these things. I don't even know why I tried for so long. I just really liked this stupid turkey and I really wanted to share it with the world. I honestly spent about 10 minutes trying to figure it out. I don't think I'm a slow person, but I definitely understand why old people struggle with technology now..
Speaking of old people, come this Thanksgiving I shall be 24.
Which, as everyone knows is one year from being 25, which is half of my twenties having lived. Which basically means I might as well be 30 years old. My life is over. I'm calling the old folk's home to come pick me up for I am clearly too senile to operate this damned Macintosh young-people-crap.
So, whatever, I'm not with the times. Don't judge me. You know what? I also think iphones are bullshit.
Yeah I'm bashing the Macintosh brand, SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO RICH WHITE KIDS. WHAT NOW?

.. I will now award myself the stupidest, least cogent, least structured blog post trophy now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cat Week: so much better than "Human Week"

Happy Food Times

The other day Mikey came home from work with a totally rad surprise for me-- My very own Whole Foods team member discount card! I get 20% off of everything in the store. Thank you, Whole Foods benefits program! Needless to say, I have already put that little piece of plastic to good use. This past weekend alone I have baked banana bread, sugar cookies, and lemon cookies, all of which were delish, though nothing out of the ordinary because I tend to bake sweets on a regular basis. I did break out of my shell a bit and I made some roasted red peppers stuffed with a crimini mushroom and parmesan risotto. 
Oh. My. God.
 I'm not sure if they tasted so good because they actually were, or if the taste of my pride was overpowering all the flavors of the dish itself. I didn't even follow a recipe, which I personally think is the best part.

These pictures don't make the food look very appetizing (I have terrible lighting in my apartment), and even with the discount I don't really want to spend extra money on parsley or rosemary sprigs just to use as a garnish for my food. That, and I really dislike when food is garnished with something edible that you're not even supposed to eat! How wasteful. I think next time I will sprinkle some green onions on top to add some more color and flavor. Oh, or maybe a little bit of lemon zest and nutmeg! Ugh, now I'm just making myself hungry.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

contributing to cat week

My babies. Heh-neh, Nao, stupid Grey that I don't love because he cries all night long and I want to punt him in a NON-LOVING manner.

This picture excludes Captain Mow, or as my siblings have been trying to change to "Chairman Mao".

Grey is the only cat that I refer to by actual name. All of the others have really elaborate sounds and squeals that go with their recognition. This is because Grey's an idiot. Stupid Grey. I'd kick him right now if I could.

(Echo of Kelli's voice in my head) "Why do you have to love our children unequally??!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cat Week: Cat in a Box

self explanatory.

sexualizing coffee

<----click to enlarge (twss)
I don't know why I drew this and I don't know why I compiled these pictures of my coffee from this morning. All I know is that today was my long coveted day off and this is what I did... this... is what I did.
*Original plans consisted a little more toward getting an oil change, buying some much needed face wash from Target and studying my new menu (new job, yay!).
*Actual day was instead spent eating an entire bag of Parmesan Goldfish crackers, playing ping pong, taking pictures of my coffee and drawing this random pre-teen.

Though of course everything will be made up for by the fact that Vu and I will be attending Demetri Martin's new stand up tonight at the UCB theatre.

And to use a much dated quote from middle school: "SCORE ONE FOR THE RON MAN!!!"
(I am the Ron Man).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cat Week: Monday


How is it possible for one thing to be so adorable? And why is there a positive relationship between the levels of adorable in small animals and my tendencies toward violence? Seriously, I see this cat and I get the urge to squeeze it until I just can't squeeze any harder. Is that normal? (Don't answer that). And he's just the right size to punt. Something tells me that drop-kicking this cat might just be the most satisfying action of my entire life.
Anyhow, I'm expecting PETA or Animal Police to come knocking at my door shortly after I post this blog, but I have a feeling that once they see this cat in person, they too shall understand my sick, sick urges.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playlist of the Week

I had this past 2 weeks off due to a minor, uh, unemployment issue. In that time I rushed off to family in Texas, picked up my crochet hook, sold a buttload of clothes off at Buffalo Exchange (and ended up with a rad new mustard yellow purse! sweet!), rearranged and cleaned my apartment (Ok, well Mikey did most of the cleaning and rearranging, but I like to think of myself as a creative influence), got a NEW job (again, Huzzah!), and developed an addiction to this playlist on my iTunes. Now I can't leave my apartment without my iPod, and when I'm in the privacy of my home/car I catch myself singing along, which is REALLY rare for me because I am well aware that I am utterly and hopelessly tone deaf. I spent way too much a totally acceptable amount of time organizing this list. It brought me back to the first time I had a computer with a CD burner and I would spend HOURS making the perfect mixes for myself and friends. Anyhow, the list is as follows:

Phoenix - Liztomania
Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
Regina Spektor - Apres Moi
Beirut - Mimizan
Metric - Raw Sugar
Yeasayer - Tightrope
Of Montreal - Oslo in the Summertime
TV on the Radio - Dancing Choose
Beirut - Nantes
Tegan and Sara - Back in your Head
Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
Animal Collective - My Girls
The Decemberists - Los Angeles, I'm Yours
Kate Nash - Foundations
Stars - Ageless Beauty
Rilo Kiley - With Arms Outstretched

I have a feeling I've probably ended many a playlist with that same Rilo Kiley song, it just seems to have that nice sense of an end to it, but c'est la vie.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Look at Julia's skin. What the fuck, that's so not cool.

Pitcher of Kirin Draft, Tuna Roll with no wasabi, side of rice, Juju-bean.

I keep waiting for when this combination starts to feel butchered, yet.... roughly 6 months and counting-- still FREAKING AWESOME!

Little sibling and my darling Naota-kun and Murph-le-kins.

...........Don't judge me..

Kind of proud of my locker at work even though I sense as though I should possibly be ashamed since it is the only locker decorated to such an extent.

The rebellion surges through my veins..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Penguin Enemy

Oh, Perry Bible Fellowship, this one will never get old.

Friday, October 30, 2009

All Hallows Eve

I remember I lost the 2nd grade spelling bee for misspelling Hallowean. Curse you Hallowene! Why do I continually support you even though you betrayed me as a child?

Oh yes, the candy, and the movies, and the weather and the excuse to dress up like a damned fool (and not necessarily be scoffed at).

I'll let you slide this time Haloweane, but next year I may just exact my revenge upon you!! (e.g. eating hoards of candy corn in a dark corner while muttering nonsense about vengeance and death-pumpkins most likely).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Lesson in History

...And that was how the West was won.

Thorry (lisped sorry)

I really do avoid posting depressing shit, but this is ridiculous. Sign the petition damn you! And if you don't feel particularly compelled by this appalling case at least sign so that you can say you were a contributing member of society today (which can help counteract your guilt for doing something stupid today like driving over a squirrel or dropping someone's baby [who knows?]).


^petition.. right here.

video of Sara.

^video. up. here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I normally hate kids but...

...this is a picture of my lovely and adorable niece and nephew. He reminds me of Max Records (the kid who plays Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Also, winner of the Most Awesome Name Ever Award. Honorable mentions go to Griffith J. Griffith, Bjork, and anyone with the last name "Hamburger"). She reminds me of Gilly from that one SNL skit with Kristen Wiig (but only in this photo).

Gems for the soul

Monday, October 12, 2009

Repetition (repetition)/repetition "repetition"

Sometimes you just need some good old obsessive repetition to make you feel better and right now my guilty pleasures are:

The Fruit Bats - When You Love Someone
Coldplay - Shiver

Come on.. just play them both once, you know you want to.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


*What do Beatles RB and The Shining have in common?

A: They will both turn you into lobotomy cases whose only expression of brain functioning is to sporadically say, "fuck you" at the television.
With some variety of course. The Shining inspires more in the usage of the age old "fuck you" statement. Such as "fuck this shit", "that so fucking fucked up", "what the fuck no. Fuck. fuck. WHY!?"
Whereas Beatles RB more closely relies on the monotone, "......fuck" for every time you miss a note. And maybe "fuuuuckkk" for when you miss a string of notes.

You're welcome for educating you on the intricacies of the world.

--Oh yes, and for the string of horror films to be watched throughout the month of October I have to say The Shining was a freaking EXCELLENT introduction!
--Anyone have additional suggestions?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Hate: "Across the Universe"

Despite the fact that It came out in 2007, I still can't get over what a giant let-down this movie was. No, "let-down" is not nearly a strong enough description for this ass hat of a monstrosity. I mean, c'mon, it's a two hour movie packed with Beatles' songs that managed to make me sit cringing in my seat waiting for the end credits. It wasn't the music that turned me off from this movie, I dare say I may have even enjoyed a song or two. My hatred stems mostly from the story, the acting, the directing, the writing, and, well you know. Everything else. 

First of all, the story is written around The Beatles songs, instead of the other way around, so the plot line feels forced and somewhat disoriented. Then there is the matter of the character's names. Jude, Lucy, and Prudence. Really? Because that's creative. I just don't get why the director thought she could take so much artistic liberty with the different interpretations of the songs, but at the same time everything is so literal. Also, I felt like the movie tried to cover way too much. I get that it was trying to hit all of the historically significant events and movements of the Beatles' era (Civil Rights Movement, Gay and Lesbian rights, War, Protests, Drugs, etc.) but it bit off way more than it could chew. I definitely think it's possible for one movie to include all of those elements, but only if it doesn't insist on elaborating on every single one of them.  "Across the Universe" shoves so many 1960s indiosyncratic-stereotypical-culture tidbits down your throat that you won't know whether it's just your eyes that are blurred from smoking one-too-many bowls or if this movie really is as unfocused as a coked-out third grader.  

Secondly, I would like to discuss the acting. On the whole, it wasn't the worst part of the movie. Don't get me wrong, the acting was still bad (and in some cases it was gauge-out-my-eyeballs terrible), it was just less offensive in comparison to other facets of the film. 

Lucy-- for someone who is supposed to have experienced such emotional, life-altering events, she sure doesn't show much of a character arc. Honestly, her wardrobe was more convincing than her acting. Could you be any less interesting? I think I would be more enthusiastic about watching a documentary on the history of oatmeal. 
Prudence-- OK, I'll drop my attempts at subtlety and just state the fact that she was one of the worst parts of the entire movie. I don't even know where to start. To be concise: Her character was unnecessary and her acting mirrored something one might experience at a dinner theater run by middle-schoolers. Her only purpose was to give the film an excuse to use the song "Dear Prudence", which was ultimately one of my least favorite musical numbers. I was so relieved when she left, only to be so irritated when she came back during the Mr. Kite scene only to be twice as annoying as she was before. 

After ranting about the major suck-factor that was Prudence, all the other things I once hated seem much less egregious. Ultimately, the movie would have been more effective/less crappy if it was just a series of music videos. And mind you, it's not like I walked into this movie knowing I would hate it. I even dragged my hesitant boyfriend to the theater because "how bad could it be? It's The Beatles!" 

No. No, it is NOT the Beatles. This movie is a far cry from anything any one of the Beatles hashed out throughout their entire musical career. Hell, Ringo Star could have vomited on a puppy then burnt down an orphanage and punched this orangutan in the face and I still would have ranked that higher than this movie on my "Cool-O-Meter" (patent pending). 

Anyway, to end this post on a more positive note, I've been playing The Beatles Rockband non-stop since it came out. It's so entertaining that I don't even mind that I've lost all contacts with the outside world ::clumps of hair fall from scalp:: 

:::eye twitches:::

Customers: What did I do to YOU?

It was my day off work today so I thought I'd relax by drawing the people who make my life harder than it needs to be. Kelli (sibling) joined me and we had a ripe 'ole time.
I work at a Peet's Coffee & Tea and my sister works at a dollar theater in Santa Ana. If it's not obvious enough, we have different clientele, though thankfully we each get a fairly equal number of real fuckers for customers.
Here are some examples for you curious readers/viewers out there:

Peet's customers:
I'm going to estimate that about 80% of Peet's customers rely on the OC Register as their daily news source. Why would I estimate that? Because it makes up about 80% of what is left behind in the recyclable newspaper bin. They're vastly the white middle-upper class parents of the kids who are currently attending Foothill High School. The woman is the miserable cow who thinks she knows your job better than you do and hates her life and her newfound wrinkles and wants to take it out on you because she hates the man she married and the worthless spoiled children that she conceived. The guy is the middle aged pervert who has totally given up on being a decent human being and instead has developed the perspective that people are objects to be controlled and manipulated and, if lucky, sexually harassed.

Dollar theater customers:
I don't work here, so Kelli would better explain this disturbing display of human waste. The talk-bubbles really fill you in though.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glee= ehhhhhhh..

Just watched the first episode of Glee on Hulu so that I could maybe find a new pathetic little outlet. I was willing to accept some slightly offensive stereotyping and maybe some cheesy storylines, but I have my limits.. no matter how desperate I am to find a replacement O.C. (just ruined my own credibility as a critic, didn't I?)
I will not apologize for my O.C. fetish!
But back to business.. Just for a quick summation of the show I will offer you some of the lovely characters from Glee that I just experienced:

-Protagonist= attractive well
kept white guy. My favorite aspect of his character development was when his wife referenced their glory days as cheerleader and socialite back in high school. Suddenly I find myself becoming more interested in his character. Is it because I secretly wish I was popular in high school and desperately want light shed onto the cool kids inner lives? YES!!
-Protagonist's wife= attractive
blonde (blonde= enemy) skinny bitch who compulsively shops at Pottery Barn and desperately wants to become pregnant... No comment.
-Jock= secretly wants to be a singer and befriend a bunch of socially inept losers..... Did I mention this takes place in high school?
-Jock's girlfriend= cheerleader and president of the "
Celibacy club". What? The bitch won't put out? Show's future villain? Let's hope! (Oh yes and she's blonde. Blonde= enemy, blonde= bitch)
-Nerd in a wheelchair ::checks off token handicapped character::
-Sassy fat black girl who refers to herself as
Beyonce ::checks off token black character:: (Maybe if we're lucky the only other black guy in school will end up falling in love with her! Woo, half a century after dismantling legal segregation and nothing's changed. Keep it alive team.)
-Gay guy ::check::
- Eccentric ostracized artsy girl (I'll let you guess whether she's
blonde or brunette) who is good looking enough so that you can learn to accept it when she ends up with the jock.
OCD guidance counselor who has a crush on the protagonist (red hair= intriguing, tell me more). This lady was actually the only character I cared for on the show. This excluding Jane Lynch who is monsterously typecasted, but I seem to keep coming back for more. I'd consider watching either of these two's spin offs.. maybe..

The target audience for this show is REALLY unexpected. I'm thinking.. lonely women?
I don't know if it was the commercials (
prescription eyelash growing gel for "inadequate" lashes, botox [because paratheses have their place, but not on your face] and a trailer for the movie "Love Happens") or if it was the whole characterization of blonde skinny women being evil bitches who have the men you want.. or if it was how the ostracized weird girl is finding herself in close relations to the hot sensitive jock.. Yeah.. Hot, sensitive, jock.

Regardless, bottomline: This show sucks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Be the Greatest Post-Grad Stereotype in (period of time)

I’d have offered a time schedule for this lesson but us hackneyed post-grad clich├ęs are too indecisive to waste our time on something as superfluous as figuring time schedules. We’re entirely too busy working at the shitty low-end jobs that we hate and smoking excessive ganj to even remember what a time schedule even really consists of.

But don’t judge our chill laidback ways too quickly, for you see, we’re college educated now (remember when I said “hackneyed” and “superfluous” a couple lines back? Impressive right? Those words cost me tens of thousands of dollars to learn so you better be fucking impressed).

::Orders delivery Thai food and packs a new bowl:: Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, How to be the Greatest Post-Grad Stereotype in (period of time). First you have to feel really restless and uncomfortable about your newfound directionless life—but don’t be too eager to do something about it! You deserve a break. You just spent the last 4(+) years of your life having all that burdensome ambition. Try some aimless and compulsive consumerism on for size. Try this for at least a year following graduation, maybe two (three?).

1.Sometimes it’s just in your best interest to acquire yourself a short-term addiction. I wouldn’t say something like crack, but I wouldn’t discard the idea either. Some ballpark ideas would likely consist of one or all of the following: excessive marijuana use, reckless partying, alcoholism, sex, or just good ‘ole autoerotic asphyxiation. Everyone’s different; I’d recommend trying them all and feeling things out. If you’re feeling truly motivated (which would be surprising since you’re a post-grad) I’d go for a double or triple addiction.

2. Search for jobs that actually require a bachelor’s degree, but only search aggressively enough so that you can feel justified bitching about it to your friends later.

3. Just bitch a lot in general. You deserve more.

4. If you can convince your parents to assist you financially, or in any way, TAKE ADVANTAGE. And whatever they offer—Buy more weed with it! You’re at an uncertain stage in life. You need to de-stress.

5. Come up with a lot of vague grandiose plans for how you’ll strike it big in the world without having to go back to school. Maybe go as far as making a to-do list, but don’t overextend yourself—remember: you work tomorrow at 3pm for that strenuous 5 hour shift and you should always put off today what you can put off tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I’ve totally lost interest in this post. I’m going to smoke myself into a blind stupor and play Snood until I get a new high score on Armageddon. I will then brag about my high score to all of my friends, family and coworkers for the rest of the week.. and then I will cry.. I will cry so much..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Heart Dresses

Despite the fact that I hate spending money, and the fact that I'm fashionably lazy, I can (and do) spend HOURS looking through various websites dress collections. Not shirts, or skirts, or pants, or even shoes. Dresses. Right now my favorite website for said activity is modcloth (and it has a fantastic jewelry selection, as well).  Here are a few of my favorites:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Like Sex Ed, only sexier.

Thank you, San Diego Zoo. I've always wanted to watch a giant tortoise grunt aggressively and slobber profusely over its mate's head and shell. Work it, 30-30.  Work it good. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No D.... idiot.

It's not "colD slaw", it's cole slaw, you fucking idiot.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just slept for 17 hours. In my clothes. On top of a pile of clean laundry.
I have a midterm this coming week that I haven't even finished half of the readings for.
Good for me. I'm glad I know how to spend my time between work and school well. FML.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Have all of you millions and billions of readers out there heard of this new craze called, "FML", or, "Fuck My Life"?
It's really great. The essential purpose of the entire idea is to allow a person the opportunity to feel really sorry for themselves on the internet (we already have LJ people), with the logical analysis being, "fuck my life". A justified closing thought.
Let me provide you with an example, specifically, the last entry posted on
"Today, I woke up to go to school. I was unbelieveably tired, but I gathered the courage to go take my shower. I then proceeded to take a long shower, clean up my room, get dressed, and eat breakfast. Going back to my room, I looked at the clock, which read 3:22AM. FML."
Okay, so I'm going to take this as a pretty typical entry on the fmylife webiste.
Let's start with a critical analysis: 1) Never thought to check your clock? Is that really a result of external events or were you really so brainless that it never occurred to you that throughout the entire procession of events you had apparently undertook the sun never even seemed to glimmer at the edge of the horizon?.. Is your class at 4 in the morning? Did you wake up and really just.. not check the clock? 2) does this traumatic life event really deserve a "fuck my life" conclusion? If so, I'm surprised you're still alive.
But really, this isn't about that one post, that post is just an archetype of our generation. A really pathetic, technology dependent, mentally stunted, unambitious, egocentric generation.
And that's not to imply that I don't carry a number of those traits in myself being, sadly enough, of this generation.
Anyway, "FML" has gotten incredibly popular in a very short period of time, it's like Myspace2 from what I can tell. There are T-shirts of which I've seen and wanted to slap people and shake them into sense. And there are already copycat sites used for the same reasons.
I'd really prefer a "FYou" website where I could make an entry directed toward "Fmylife".
This is one of the most poorly directed entries that could have ever been constructed, but whatever, fuck my life ::takes out father's shotgun and blasts head into hundreds of bloody chunks which splatter across the bedroom window that is witnessed by a child who proceeds to write the only legitimate "Fmylife" ever written::.


Friday, April 3, 2009

this is why.

I just spent the past couple of hours (cough) watching Ren & Stimpy episodes off the internet and it really makes a lot of sense. I mean, not the show, but in relation to the existence of CslashE.
I think Courtney and I had always admitted to this, but having watched Ren & Stimpy once again only reaffirmed how heavily it influenced us and how likely it related to why we were somewhat, shall I say.. ostracized in middle school?
I remember every single day during both recess and lunch Courtney and I would rush to leave the immediate campus and go to the furthest corner of the baseball field to draw cartoons of various classmates exploding only to find ourselves suffocating with laughter in that sad little corner of ours. Evvverrryy sinnngggllleee dayyy for at least all of 7th and 8th grade with some continuation over the summer before high school. I remember for a brief period in 9th grade attemping to continue with our numerous comic books dipicting ourselves as dogs, skunks, whatever be it and our classmates as trees, burgers, dinosaurs et cetera.
I think sadly we had to finally succumb to the fact that continuing our comics would lead toward a kind of social exile no one could wish upon themselves in high school.
Anyway, I love our past because we were complete losers, but at least we were imaginative losers, right? Regardless, I would like to thank Ren & Stimpy for making us the socially retarded individuals we are today ^_^.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIDS virus:1, Humanity: 0

I would like to print this out and carry it with me so if people ask me why I don't do that whole "Catholicism" thing anymore, I can show them this. This and the whole "women are incapable of preaching the word of Christ" thing. Yea, I have a problem with that. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been coerced by someone who shall remain nameless to write in here even though I just finished writing a 20-page paper on naturalistic field research, which was just as boring as those three words sound.
Anyway, as much as I don't feel like writing MORE I definitely have more than enough ammunition for my own 5 most.. whatever, stupid shit I hate right now.
Let us begin now shall we? The story begins with 4 stupid shallow women who are supposed to be expressing feminist idealism, but are actually obnoxious prostitutes. Have you guessed it?

1. Sex and the City
I'll begin my rant with "really?". First off, acting like stereotypical men does not empower you and it has nothing to do with what feminism is about. I mean, great, they have jobs and are independent, but do they have to have meaningless sex on a daily basis and treat the men that they are sleeping with like objects as a way to feign empowerment? Acting exactly like a stereotypical chauvinistic man does not make you empowered and that's the stupidest concept I could ever even imagine. Secondly, the show (of which I've seen all of two episodes) employs pretentiousness as its primary draw in. Of the two episodes I've seen Sarah Jessica Parker's character went to a sushi restaurant and ordered the most over the top detailed sushi known to man, visits her new boy toy's parents of whom are professors of cultural anthropology at Columbia University and only precede to tell her how she is such a beacon in her journalistic field. More like a tool, yes. I said tool because that's what everyone in the damned show is

2. Judd Apatow and all his lame-ass movies
One time around I'll laugh (half-heartedly), second to 20th time.. not so funny. Does no one remember Will Ferrel? You know that guy who was funny the first couple of times and then Hollywood beat his character into the ground like a sack of flaming dog shit? Does this not appear familiar? I have a theory that for each successive Judd Aaptow film the audience's IQ drops. And it's not that the movies are making people stupider, it's that the smarter people realize it has nothing to do with genuineness of humor anymore and that's its just the movie industry raping you poor with their pathetic excuses for, dare I say, films. I could write a book on why I don't like his movies but I'll leave that for.. after finals..

3, 4, and 5. Smoking cigarettes
Come on now people. Come on. At least admit that you did it to look troubled and then stop bothering me with your excuses as to how you were "so stressed out" and therefore you had no other choice but to pick up a habit that everyone knows is extremely addictive and expensive. The "stressed out" excuse doesn't even make sense and I'm pretty sure the people using it know that it doesn't make sense. Obviously, cigarettes only relax you once your addicted and what its relaxing is your addiction.. Prior to that nicotine is a stimulant and would initially make you more anxious above anything else, so.. just let it go. Keep smoking, no worries, it's okay.. just don't bother me with it. And yes, when you smoke in front of me I am judging you. I am thinking of how damaged your ego is and how you didn't have the nerve to do something less addictive to sooth your "stress" <--- note quotations.

I'd say more, but.. tired. So many more papers and exams to come. I shall update after finals and after Vegas (I know.. I know..) on something equally uninteresting. =D

edit: Courtney I resent your feelings toward In-N-Out, I shall continue eating it shamelessly on a daily basis!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Premature Hysteria

So back in December I was stoked at the idea of a C slash E Renaissance. And "stoked" doesn't even begin to describe the ridiculous amount of quasi sugar-induced giddiness that burbled forth from my zealous little school girl heart. I'd like to say that most of that excitement blossomed from a sense of dedication to the C/E legacy, but I think we all know that in truth I was desperate to do anything that didn't involve studying for finals. Anyhow, long story short, I think I used up my quota for excitement in the 45 minutes it took me to set up this blog which explains why it didn't, err, prosper like I quite imagined it would. So bottom line is that It took me about 3 months (and possibly another Finals week...) to recharge my blogging-battery and start writing in this again. So here I go.

Um, well now that I've written that I don't feel like there is too much to say. Just yet, at least. So I'm going to make a Top 5 List to justify this entry.

Top 5 Most Overrated Tidbits of American Pop Culture
5. Crash
You know there is something wrong with the universe when it lets a movie with Sandra Bullock, Tony Danza, Brendan Fraser, Ludacris, AND Ryan Phillipe win Best Picture. I mostly felt like this movie got so much hype because people were afraid that not liking it made them racist, so everyone exaggerated its greatness. And before anyone gets upset with my reasoning just remember one thing- Brendan Fraser.

4. iPhones
I won't be impressed until they come with built-in jet packs or invisibility cloaks. Or, hey, maybe even when they start to work properly. Novel, eh?

3. In-N-Out
I'm going to get shot for this, but I'll stand my ground. Too greasy, the milkshakes taste like nothing, and the fries are only good half the time. Plus it takes like 10 years to get your food, and I feel like I need to take a shower after I eat it. 

2. Thomas Kinkade
 (insert exasperated sigh here)

1. Perks of Being a Wallflower
Please, let's rip off Catcher in the Rye (also, somewhat overrated, to today's standards at least) a LITTLE bit more. Oh, and also, I'm convinced that a bowl of cold oatmeal could have produced a more intriguing/less trite novel than this piece of stolen garbage.