Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIDS virus:1, Humanity: 0

I would like to print this out and carry it with me so if people ask me why I don't do that whole "Catholicism" thing anymore, I can show them this. This and the whole "women are incapable of preaching the word of Christ" thing. Yea, I have a problem with that. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been coerced by someone who shall remain nameless to write in here even though I just finished writing a 20-page paper on naturalistic field research, which was just as boring as those three words sound.
Anyway, as much as I don't feel like writing MORE I definitely have more than enough ammunition for my own 5 most.. whatever, stupid shit I hate right now.
Let us begin now shall we? The story begins with 4 stupid shallow women who are supposed to be expressing feminist idealism, but are actually obnoxious prostitutes. Have you guessed it?

1. Sex and the City
I'll begin my rant with "really?". First off, acting like stereotypical men does not empower you and it has nothing to do with what feminism is about. I mean, great, they have jobs and are independent, but do they have to have meaningless sex on a daily basis and treat the men that they are sleeping with like objects as a way to feign empowerment? Acting exactly like a stereotypical chauvinistic man does not make you empowered and that's the stupidest concept I could ever even imagine. Secondly, the show (of which I've seen all of two episodes) employs pretentiousness as its primary draw in. Of the two episodes I've seen Sarah Jessica Parker's character went to a sushi restaurant and ordered the most over the top detailed sushi known to man, visits her new boy toy's parents of whom are professors of cultural anthropology at Columbia University and only precede to tell her how she is such a beacon in her journalistic field. More like a tool, yes. I said tool because that's what everyone in the damned show is

2. Judd Apatow and all his lame-ass movies
One time around I'll laugh (half-heartedly), second to 20th time.. not so funny. Does no one remember Will Ferrel? You know that guy who was funny the first couple of times and then Hollywood beat his character into the ground like a sack of flaming dog shit? Does this not appear familiar? I have a theory that for each successive Judd Aaptow film the audience's IQ drops. And it's not that the movies are making people stupider, it's that the smarter people realize it has nothing to do with genuineness of humor anymore and that's its just the movie industry raping you poor with their pathetic excuses for, dare I say, films. I could write a book on why I don't like his movies but I'll leave that for.. after finals..

3, 4, and 5. Smoking cigarettes
Come on now people. Come on. At least admit that you did it to look troubled and then stop bothering me with your excuses as to how you were "so stressed out" and therefore you had no other choice but to pick up a habit that everyone knows is extremely addictive and expensive. The "stressed out" excuse doesn't even make sense and I'm pretty sure the people using it know that it doesn't make sense. Obviously, cigarettes only relax you once your addicted and what its relaxing is your addiction.. Prior to that nicotine is a stimulant and would initially make you more anxious above anything else, so.. just let it go. Keep smoking, no worries, it's okay.. just don't bother me with it. And yes, when you smoke in front of me I am judging you. I am thinking of how damaged your ego is and how you didn't have the nerve to do something less addictive to sooth your "stress" <--- note quotations.

I'd say more, but.. tired. So many more papers and exams to come. I shall update after finals and after Vegas (I know.. I know..) on something equally uninteresting. =D

edit: Courtney I resent your feelings toward In-N-Out, I shall continue eating it shamelessly on a daily basis!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Premature Hysteria

So back in December I was stoked at the idea of a C slash E Renaissance. And "stoked" doesn't even begin to describe the ridiculous amount of quasi sugar-induced giddiness that burbled forth from my zealous little school girl heart. I'd like to say that most of that excitement blossomed from a sense of dedication to the C/E legacy, but I think we all know that in truth I was desperate to do anything that didn't involve studying for finals. Anyhow, long story short, I think I used up my quota for excitement in the 45 minutes it took me to set up this blog which explains why it didn't, err, prosper like I quite imagined it would. So bottom line is that It took me about 3 months (and possibly another Finals week...) to recharge my blogging-battery and start writing in this again. So here I go.

Um, well now that I've written that I don't feel like there is too much to say. Just yet, at least. So I'm going to make a Top 5 List to justify this entry.

Top 5 Most Overrated Tidbits of American Pop Culture
5. Crash
You know there is something wrong with the universe when it lets a movie with Sandra Bullock, Tony Danza, Brendan Fraser, Ludacris, AND Ryan Phillipe win Best Picture. I mostly felt like this movie got so much hype because people were afraid that not liking it made them racist, so everyone exaggerated its greatness. And before anyone gets upset with my reasoning just remember one thing- Brendan Fraser.

4. iPhones
I won't be impressed until they come with built-in jet packs or invisibility cloaks. Or, hey, maybe even when they start to work properly. Novel, eh?

3. In-N-Out
I'm going to get shot for this, but I'll stand my ground. Too greasy, the milkshakes taste like nothing, and the fries are only good half the time. Plus it takes like 10 years to get your food, and I feel like I need to take a shower after I eat it. 

2. Thomas Kinkade
 (insert exasperated sigh here)

1. Perks of Being a Wallflower
Please, let's rip off Catcher in the Rye (also, somewhat overrated, to today's standards at least) a LITTLE bit more. Oh, and also, I'm convinced that a bowl of cold oatmeal could have produced a more intriguing/less trite novel than this piece of stolen garbage.